Don’t All Good Ideas Start in a Bar?

Founding The Sparkling Wine Co – Don’t all good ideas start in a bar?

We’ve been asked a few times recently about our story…why did we start the company? Where did you start it?…

We met in a busy bar whilst queuing for drinks. Both of us were ordering drinks for friends. One was ordering a glass of wine, a beer and a cocktail – at first this task to buy drinks for friends was thought to be a simple one! Following a 10 minute queue, a hustle to attract the bartender and 5-6 minutes to serve the drinks…That was after finding the appropriate wine, and of course awaiting the creation of the cocktail followed by the quick pouring pint of beer. Not only that, half of the cocktail was wasted! Who know’s if someone bought another glass of wine from the bottle.

We felt like hero’s at work to get served at the bar – all we wanted was a great tasting drink, faster!

A few days later the desire for great tasting drinks along with fast service remained absolutely crystal clear – this created The Sparkling Wine Company which is now evolving into the “ON TAP” drinks brand as we expand.

…don’t all great ideas start at the bar!?

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