Draft cocktails and wines for your wedding, event, or mobile bar

Beautiful(ly Quick) On Tap Cocktails And Wines

When you’re hosting a wedding or event your guests don’t want to wait for their drinks, and you want them to be enjoying their night not stood waiting at the bar. Similarly with a mobile bar, a long line can lose customers.

With our range of draft cocktails and wines, your guests or customers can have beautifully tasting, fresh drinks in their hand with a snap of a finger (or pull of a pump)

When it comes to on tap drinks for your event or mobile bar, who said you have to stop at beer? Our traditional dispenser setup and range of dispensing accessories mean you can provide high-quality drinks to your guests quicker.

And the best part about it, is that our taps can be hooked up to the existing dispensing infrastructure in your mobile bar. For your event or wedding, we have a range of bar top dispenses perfect for packing up and taking away with you when you leave.

Installed in a flash, drinks served even faster

Hosting a large event or wedding is stressful and adds a lot on the to-do list. Worrying about your drinks should be the last thing on your mind, and with our on tap cocktails your guests can be drinking beautiful cocktails crafted by expert cocktail makers right here in the UK.

And for the wine lovers? We have a range of red, white and rose that can be setup and poured straight away, designed for maximum flexibility and ease for you.

Pair that with our nationwide next day delivery service, and you’re onto a winner.

Serve your customers fresher, faster

Our kegged wines and cocktails not only increase profit margins through reduced wastage, but also speed up service during busy periods so you can serve more customers.

They’re also eco-friendly, save you valuable storage space and guarantee freshness to the very last drop. Our Nature Wines kegs are fully recyclable and made from 30% recycled material – oh, and the wines are 100% vegan too

Approved by the Vegan Society

How to set up Wine and cocktails on tap

1,2,3 pour...

The Sparkling Wine Company supplies NATURE WINES and cocktails from a keg. Originally starting off with sparkling wine.


1 Sparkling Wine Keg = 160 x 125ml serves.

Sell price = £800 (£5.00 per serve incl. VAT)


1 Cocktail Keg = 114 x 175ml serves.

Sell price = £685 (£6.00 per serve incl. VAT)

At least 70 to 75% gross profit available!

price per bottle

Fixed Bars