Effervescent Points in Wine Glasses

Effervescent Points

What does it mean!? It’s merely a widget at the base of the wine glass to allow the bubbles to move around and preserve the fizz. The discrete cluster of etchings at the base of the wine bowl result in the wine being encouraged to move upwards enhancing the presentation of fizz.

This is commonly found in a lager pint glass and less frequently in wine glasses. However, with over £1 billion worth of sparkling wine sold in the UK every year it’s important to use appropriate glassware. 

No matter the sparkling wine you decanter into a glass if that glass is worn, or has few imperfections the fizz may appear limited or even flat. Decanter the same sparkling wine into a glass with an effervescent point and you’ll see the bubbles flow! 

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What is the sparkling in wine?

There is natural gas trapped within the wine through it’s fermentation process – the gas will come out of the liquid by using rough surfaces or particles to concentrate on. That’s why using effervescent points at the base of the bowl enhances this process of bubble creation.

You can buy glassware from many glassware retailers – we have a few partners we could recommend so get in touch. Enjoy your sparkling wine!

Here at Sparkling Wine, we help restaurants and bars serve beautiful wines to their customers, alongside a variety of on-tap cocktails, single-serve cocktails and dispensing equipment. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about how we can help your bar or restaurant.

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