The Top Wine-Producing Countries in the World

Wine production has reached new global heights, but which countries lead the way through the vineyard canopy?

There are countries that produce wine on nearly every continent across the globe, with the most recent data showing fifty wine-producing countries. From concocting, bottling, and packaging, to shipment and distribution, wine production involves many players.

Despite this mass global involvement in the wine industry, just ten countries make up over eighty percent of the world’s wine production. The top four wine-producing countries of the world produce over half of the world’s wine, with more up-and-coming wine regions coming into play each year.

Top 4 Wine-Producing Countries

1. Italy
2. France
3. Spain
4. USA

Italy, France, Spain, and the USA, respectively, are the top four wine-producing countries in the world, with over 150 million hectares of wine production per year between them (as of 2020).

While France and Italy regularly compete for the top spot for wine production, Spain boasts the largest vineyard acreage globally, and California in the USA is home to the world’s largest wine producer (Gallo).

Where else is our wine made?

Let’s take a look at the rest of the top 15 wine producers in the world.

Argentina: A key player in the world’s wine industry, 80% of Argentina’s wine is produced in the Mendoza region.

Chile: Best known for its white wines, Chile produces nearly 13 million hectares of wine each year.

Australia: Each region of Australia has its own unique variety of climate and topography, and hence
each wine produced is completely unique to its region.

China: Chinese wine is continuously changing and improving, with Hong Kong taking the top spot as the world’s largest fine wine market.

Germany: Historically famous for their white wine, German vineyards have seen the introduction of red grapes in recent decades as interest in red wine has increased despite the cooler climate.

South Africa: Centered around Capetown, South African wine production varies between Old and New World, with the Mediterranean-type of climate providing perfect conditions for vineyards to flourish.

Portugal: With two of its most famous wine regions also being UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Portugal’s local wines are a must-try. Portugal is best known for its fortified wines, such as Port, but it produces all types of wine, including home-grown grape varieties.

Romania: With a dramatically continental climate, Romania has great potential for high-quality and varied wine production. It currently has a greater area of vineyard than any other country in eastern Europe, with the atmospheric hills of Transylvania being the source of many white wines.

Russia: Well known for its inexpensive sweet wines, Russia’s wine production is concentrated in a small number of regions, including along the Black Sea, while the rest of the country is unable to provide suitable conditions for vineyards to thrive.

Hungary: In recent years, interest in wine production has been renewed. Hungary takes much of its influence from other countries, with grapes imported from France and Italy.

New Zealand: An ambitious newcomer to the world of wine production, New Zealand is now known for its Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

British Wine Production

The United Kingdom is a small but growing producer of wine, with English sparkling wine from warmer southern climates in England and Wales leading the market. The majority of wine in Britain is imported from across the globe, although consumption of English wine appears to be increasing. Watch out for Britain – France, and Italy – the future of English sparkling wine is bright!

Who drinks the most wine?

While some of us are skilled at producing delicious wine, others among us prefer to drink said wine.

According to data from OIV 2019 Vitiviniculture World Market Report, here are the world’s top 5 wine-loving countries:

1. Portugal
2. France
3. Italy
4. Switzerland
5. Austria

Some countries do indeed enjoy the full process of wine production, from fermentation through to consumption, while others are more comfortable in importing and exporting functions.

The United Kingdom comes in 17th place on the world’s biggest wine lovers ranking, with Brits consuming the equivalent of 24 bottles per person per year compared to Portugal’s 71 bottles per person. …How many bottles?!

We hope you have enjoyed our uncorking of the world’s top wine-producing countries, and if you happen to be one of the world’s top wine-lovers, please browse our range of bottled wines and wines on tap. Or if you’re looking for something other than wine, we also provide a variety of on-tap cocktails, single-serve cocktails and dispensing equipment.

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