Why Our Customers Love Wine On Tap

There’s plenty of write ups and articles about why wine on tap is great, however, we decided instead of writing an article on, we would just ask some of our 100s customers why they love wine on tap!

And here is what they had to say . . .

“At Outdoor Events It’s Chilled And Fast – Easy When We Have High Demand”

Mobile Bar, Wales

“It Saves Space And Promotes Our Brand Environmental Friendly Concept”

Wine Bar, Midlands

“The Price Point For Good House Wine Helps, Plus, Speed Of Service”

Public House, North England

“No Fuss, Good Wines & Fast”

Restaurant, London

At The Sparkling Wine Company we want wine to work for you and your customers, we live off the recurring trade and shall only recommend it to bars with appropriate needs such as volume and speed requirements. There are segments of the market who could benefit from the speed and customer experience that wine on tap brings.

Why businesses shift high volume house products to draught

1. Improve prominence of non-beer drinks on the bar

2. Reduced bottles = many things such as:

– Reduced weight, resulting in less Co2 emissions (50%+)
– Reduced labelling, less effort and ~25  fewer labels
– Reduced corks or caps, ~25  fewer caps

3. Improved shelf life = less wastage – no throwing away bottles not fully used

4. Speed of service = staff can focus on customers and provide an overall improved human to human experience at the venue

5. Reduced space = more products available to sell or increased table space for more customers

We can talk all day about the benefits but why not take a look at some of of wine on tap products or cocktail on tap products and get in contact with us if you would like to know more.

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