Celebration Package – Mojito cocktails and Prosecco

Celebration Package – Mojito cocktails and Prosecco

Package offer save £68.00

Celebration package with glera frizzante, prosecco and mojito cocktails!

100% Glera grapes IGT – the best classification for ONTAP frizzante. SAVING OF £68

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Get any celebration underway with mojito cocktails and prosecco

4 kegs of Glera Frizzante + 2 mojito + 60 bottles undici

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Price individually:

Glera £160.00 (£640 total)

Mojito £210.00 (£420 total)

Undici £6.80 (£408 total)

all plus delivery charges (£8 per unit)


Be conscious of the term prosecco on tap, albeit glera grapes are the grapes in prosecco the term prosecco on tap is not allowable by Italian law. Simply put prosecco can only be called prosecco in bottles.

Package offer save £68.00